Gemstones for inlay

Inlay with precious or semi-precious stones is one of the ways to create an exclusive, original product that we often use in our practice. Inlay will allow to emphasize individuality, to create an elegant image, to make the product complete.


One of the varieties of quartz is aventurine – a stone that is different from other quartzites with a light golden glitter. It can be painted in different colors, and it is extremely rare in nature. Most of the deposits of stone are in South America, Australia and India.

Lapis lazuli

The stone of the sky is one of the few names of lapis lazuli. From the Persian language, the word “lazurite” translates as “blue”, which fully corresponds to the color of the stone. It is really blue, but its degree of transparency is extremely low. When considering lapis lazuli to the light, it only shimmers a pale blue stripe. Lapis lazuli appears in all its glory only in sunlight, and artificial lighting does not allow to emanate that cold shine to the heavenly stone, which it is endowed with by nature.

Labrador or Labradorite

A bizarre play of light, mysterious glare of mother of pearl, the depth of shades, midtones, this is a Labrador. The stone is an alien, among other wonders of nature, one of the most interesting from the point of view of lithotherapy. The mineral that absorbed the moon and the sun, giving birth to magic, like she was born.


Unique, unusual beauty translucent natural mineral. The stone is obliged by its name to a silver-gray, delicate blue shade, flickering tints, which create the effect of moonlight, resembling the reflections of moonlight. Another name for the natural mineral is “adular”, “fish eye”, “aglaurite”, pearl spar. The mineral attracts attention due to its unique aesthetic, magical and healing properties.

Rose quartz

The first items made of such material in the form of beads were found on the lands of ancient Mesopotamia. It is assumed that it was made several millennia ago BC. At that time, in the East, rose quartz was considered a “heart stone” to be honored for the fact that it filled with its pleasant color with the love and warmth of a person looking at this mineral.


Garnet is one of the most interesting and, at the same time, mysterious stones. Its name can be found among the many old stories and legends. For a long time, stones of red color were attributed to grenades, which is probably why it is considered to be a stone of love and sincere feelings.


Ruby is considered the most expensive stone, in ancient times even diamond was inferior in value to it. He worthily occupies his position among all the gems, belongs to the minerals, is a kind of red corundum.


Sapphire is a type of corundum that belongs to first class jewels. It takes second place after diamond in its value. Sapphire is a very hard stone, it has unique transparency and several color shades. The science of natural chemical compounds – mineralogy recognizes only blue stones with sapphires, while the jewelry industry uses various beautiful shades of this unique mineral to make jewelry with precious stones.

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