Wooden products, like any other products, are require careful and careful attitude. The tree continues to live in the product. It breathes, it gives its heat and energy when touched. It is real and alive. By following our recommendations, you prolong its life.

Any wooden product does not like constant moisture and temperature difference. Do not store wooden boxes in direct sunlight. If there is an excess of moisture, do not dry the wooden product on the battery or near the fireplace.

Comb and hairpins do not throw and do not wash. After combing wet hair, wipe the comb with a dry cloth.

To restore the natural shine of the product, it can be oiled. Apply oil carefully to the surface of the product. Wait 15 minutes. Then, remove excess oil with a dry cloth.

In the event of minor defects, the surface of the product can be processed with emery paper. Then, cover abundantly with oil.

In case of problems with which you can not cope on your own, write to us. We will tell you how to fix the defect, or we will offer product repair services.