Wooden hair comb with Yakut emerald.


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Beautiful handmade wooden hair comb from redwood decorated with silver and Yakut emerald .  Hair comb made from a whole piece of wood. BUT! Most of the combs that we make have a special protective “insert”. This “insert” is made of North American walnut with the vertical location of the grain of the tree. Therefore, the teeth of the comb do not break and are securely fixed in the comb. This protects from deformation in the case of inappropriate use (wet – hot – dry).

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This comb made is very strong wood . But, like any product, the comb requires careful attitude. Do not throw it or break it. With a careful attitude such a comb will serve you for a long time.

Every tooth is perfectly polished, gently smoothed with our hands. Every comb covered with 3 layers of natural oil (every dryes for 24 hours).

A handmade wooden hair comb is an amazing gift to your hairstyle, your hair. Attentively consider a wondrous pattern of silver on this wooden comb. This wooden hair comb is inlaid with natural stones.

The openwork pattern gives this wooden hairpin a special airiness and lightness and elegance. A beautiful tracery pattern made of silver is made around a bright gorgeous chrome-diopside. Chrome-diopside is often called the Yakut emerald.

All of the teeth of a comb we are polished by hand. Therefore, they have rounded edges, do not harm the scalp. The teeth of these combs don’t get the tangles out hairs, they effortlessly glide through them.

Wooden Combs with an ultra smooth finish and round teeth do not pull the hair, it can massage the scalp and promote circulation, naturally stimulates the scalp and relaxes tension, that will also help to keep your hair healthy.

Pay attention to the unusual pattern of wood. Interesting drawing, smooth pleasant to the touch surface – this will please you.

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It is about 20,5 cm * 5,7 cm * 1 cm (distance between teeth 4 mm)

You can see how I do silver inlay here:

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For straight hair, One of a kind, With handle


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