Hair sticks are the original hair tool and have been used for thousands of years. These hair sticks made from Amaranth wood, also known as purple heart. This is a very beautiful tree of unusual purple color. They are durable. Each our hairpin is inspired by the rich fantasy of nature. They are sanded down to the finest wooden grain, and finished with natural oils. Wooden crafts is one of the main traditional crafts that is under threat from the modern life. By encouraging traditional crafts we feel passionate that we are supporting this culture of making fine wood products.

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Our hair sticks will work for you. Just choose a hairstyle for yourself. Lift the hair as high as possible and twist into a bun. Or straighten your hair, and only a part of the strands twist and secure with a hairpin. Our hair clips will allow you to fantasize and invent a variety of everyday or festive hairstyles.

Unlike hair ties or metal clips, wooden hair forks will not damage your hair. Prongs are long and strong. Every prong perfectly sanded.

Pay attention to the slightly curved shape of this hairpin. This shape of the hairpin looks very nice and especially well keeps the hairstyle.

We use only natural oils , ordinary 3 layers, each of the layers are drying for 24 hours, polishing between each oiling is necessarily…so it requires time.

Hair fork is not only a useful and functional hair accessory but also a beautiful decoration for your hair.

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If you are not sure if a hair fork will suit you, which you see here in the photo, write to me. I’ll help you find the hair fork that will perfectly hold your hair. You can send me yours photo from the back, showing me your hair.

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We can make hair fork of any size. At your request we can use any wood: ash, oak, mahogany, walnut and other.

It is about 16,5сm * 1сm (6,5” * 0,39”)

Hair forks

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