Beautiful Amaranth wood hair fork.  Amaranth wood also known as Purple heart. Wooden hair fork is a perfect decoration for any hairstyle and a great gift your hairstyle.

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Unlike hair ties or metal clips, wooden hair forks will not damage your hair. Prongs are long and strong. Every prong perfectly sanded.

We use only natural oils , ordinary 3 layers, each of the layers are drying for 24 hours, polishing between each oiling is necessarily…so it requires time

Hair fork is not only a useful and functional hair accessory but also a beautiful decoration for your hair.

13cm * 3,5cm * 1cm (prong length 10cm)

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We can make fork of any size. At your request we can use any wood: ash, oak, mahogany, walnut.

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In case of any questions or necessity of other view photos please feel free to contact me.

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Hair forks

For thick and long hair


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