Bart Riddick New York, USA
very nice craftsmanship, good product, highly recommend
Madam Morpho New York, USA
So beautiful. Arrived in a lovely hand made pouch. :-)
Andzej Olechnovic Вильнюс, Литва
Viskas super, labai patiko. Kokybiskas darbas, ačiū :)
Lindsey Roberts New York, USA
These are a great gift for anyone with long hair! I tend to get headaches when I pull my two plus feet of hair into a pony tail. These allow me to have a sleek, chic bun without all the pain. It’s gorgeous! Thank you husband for purchasing them! And thank you guys for making such a quality item. The shipping takes a little bit but well worth it. Order now. You won’t be disappointed!
Michael Kagan Melbourne , Australia
I have been searching for a bandsaw box on Etsy for a little while, when I came across this shop. I really liked some of their boxes, but I had some specific measurements/requirements. So I ordered custom made box. It was great experience for me from start to finish. Dima designed my box, and once we agreed design and measurements the process was very quick and smooth. It only took about 2 weeks for my box to be made, and I love it. Excellent workmanship. Postage was very quick and box itself was very safely wrapped and packed. I highly recommend this Etsy store.
Ieva Jachimavičiūtė Kaunas, Lithuania
I Love this fork. Beautiful craftsmanship, amazing colors. The fork is light yet sturdy. Definitely gonna buy more!
Ольга Россия, Санкт-Петербург
Огромное спасибо за такую качественную и филигранную работу! Поставила свой маленький комодик на самое видное место! Украсил интерьер, радует душу и глаза )) Замечательный мастер! Превосходные работы!
Tatjana Venckūnė Клайпеда, Литва
Ji tobula. Ačiū ir sekmės kuryboje !
Ксения Беларусь, Минск
Это потрясающая, неповторимая вещь. У меня нет слов, чтобы описать свой восторг от работы Мастера. В ней прекрасно всё, исполнение невероятное. Моё мнение - это не изделие. Это произведение искусства. Я невероятно довольна. Спасибо Мастеру
Brielle Caban Sewell, NJ, USA
Today I was shocked to see such gorgeous hair forks come in the mail; it was unexpected. Beautiful! The photos do not do your wonderful talent and craftsmanship justice. It came earlier than I expected and in one piece. Thank you MDWoodenArt and Maria. To customers wanting to buy handmade items: Handmade items are like Theatre shows. There nature is one of a kind. Not one product will look exactly the same as another. Please have patience with the seller. The world is run by humans and do to that fact, we have human error. This should be obvious but it is sadly not. If your item is lost in transit, please don't shit on the seller for some one else's mistake. Once the order is out there in the world it is in the hands of another business and out of the sellers control. I say this because I see this happen too much in the world.
Виктория Украина, Боярка
Спасибо огромное Мастеру за великолепную работу! Все было выполнено в срок и очень аккуратно. Дмитрий очень внимательный и заботливый человек. Много полезных вещей посоветовал перед моей поездкой в Вильнюс. У такого человека работы выходят "теплые и светлые" и сразу становятся любимыми. БРАВО!